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Friday, June 25, 2010


A little bit nervous. Gonna see an old friend in the morning. Eos, the dawn. Haven't seen him in the day time in... ever. Demetrius, you will be beautiful.



Today was Dan's last day as a driver for the Senior Center. He did home deliveries on Route 6. :D He's going to be a full time butcher at the new Crest.

All I really know about Dan:

He's sweet.
Loves everyone.
Lost his wife.
Was a butcher for many years.

And he said he needs this job because when he has too much free time, all he thinks about is his wife. He loved her very very very much. I can tell.

Dan, I've only just gotten to know you, but I love you very much. You're so kind and I hope you visit us often!


Thursday, June 24, 2010


"I'd rather you tumbl about me like it's TWENTY-TEN... but okay."

So Mason Tyler Mann is about to embark on a journey with Demetrius. It's going to be beautiful for him. I'm so excited. I wish I could see tonight through Mary and Mason's eyes. But sadly, I'm choosing not to.

I'll update this and tell you what he sees.

"Sharting is a Trojan horse... It starts as a gift to the Romans which turns out to be your bowel's soldiers..."

UPDATE: He didn't explain what he saw. He just liked the ceiling.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Life at the Brand Senior Center...

Hey everyone.

I just wanted to show off my favorite view at my work. This is the billiards area. Home to my favorite people. Now, you see that guy in the red? That's Jimmy. He's slick. I love him to death. He was for sure a charmer in his prime. He's still a charmer. You can't see him, but my newest friend is Dale. He was on the far right. Dale is a jolly guy, who has a keen fashion sense... He likes to wear a tee shirt with lounge shorts, penny loafers and shin-high white socks. I love it.

Dale told a story today that I'd like to share.

He said that once, "in the hippie times, ya see", that he and his wife went camping. While they were camping, she was scared that some hippies would come along and rob them or just plain attack them. [Yes, I'm serious.] So they were just on the ground in their sleeping bags, and his wife was scared to pieces. She said, "Well what are you going to do to protect me from those hippies?" He put his hatchet next to his sleeping bag and figured that'd be the end of it. But then, his wife became frightened of something else. She said, "But Dale, you know I have nightmares sometimes. What if I wake up hollerin' and you get me with that?!" He simply replied, "If you don't let me get to sleep... I will."

Bahaha. I love story time with the seniors. <3 :]

Well, it's almost bed time; I must update my story so that I don't get gutted.
Love love love.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fixed up my blog. :D

Gonna start adding some photography posts.
Started work at the Senior Center today.
Seriously, I guess noobz have to do everything.
It won't be THAT hard.
The worst of it will be getting up at 6:30 every morning.

Gonna go write.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Horrible Turn

So I saw the greatest movie last night. Some local actors and actors from Texas. It's a comedic/romantic/musical! :D It's called "Horrible Turn". The guy up in the picture is Jacob Buras. He plays the antagonist, Kenny Hammerstein. The whole movie is hilarious and you can watch it all for free at http://www.horribleturn.com/youtube/

Now, onto other things. The boys have been nuts today. We went to the court house today on some official family bid-ness. They were moderately behaved. But as soon as we left they became nutzo. Then we went and saw the new Karate Kid. It was so much better than the original. I give it 9.1 stars. And I suggest everyone sees it!

Got some writing to do tonight. Demanding fans and a lot of ideas are swirling.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Need Help.

I do need help. I know that. This is all a tad much for a 19 year old. So I'm getting it. I don't understand how the people in my life don't get this. And I'm at the point where I'm shaken, and near my point of taking up a new lifestyle. The boys and my mom and my family. And I.

I have the ambition to do great things. I have the ability. Some people are creating obstacles, others are obstacles. So, if I can put my mind to this, I can do it. I've been reading The Bible with the boys, praising and worshiping like I should have been for a while. I'm ecstatic with the knowledge that I can do anything, and I pray when I need help or reassurance.

Things are so much different from our perspective. I hope that I can focus on the fact that someday this will all make sense. It's hard, and I'm not doing the best job on Earth, but I do feel like I'm doing what's right.

Tomorrow I start my job.
Wish me luck, world.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Panic Attacks...

I didn't remember what you looked like in the casket. Must have blocked it out. The only thing I remember is seeing your thumb, and how they hadn't cleaned the dirt from under your nails, which was very unfitting as you were such a clean freak. But I just remembered that your eyes were all puffy underneath, and there were these two creases that your skin made to compensate for the swollen area. It makes me sick.

Sometimes I have panic attacks because I have these flashes of pictures or visions you in my head. You scare me. It shouldn't be like that.

Shannon's in Griffin, Cliff! She is. She did it. She's trying to get better. It wasn't all for nothing. But, bad news is, she's talking to Cheyenne. She tells him she loves him. It's not good. He's supposed to get out this year. But don't worry. I'll protect Justice. Shannon can screw up her own life. I want nothing to do with Cheyenne and neither should Justice. He's a murderer, and he's nuts, to boot.

Do you get to watch us from up there? Or is that exclusively for The Big Guy? I know you visited Phoenix a couple times. I wish you had found a way to say "Hi". You're such a silly Jew.

I need to get back into the habit of showing you to Pheefers. I don't want him to forget you, Cliff. I would hate that. It's been... holy shit. In 3 days, Jew, it's been 2 months. That's insane. 2 months since I've seen you, and will never, on this Earth, see you again.

I miss you, I love you, I want you back here.

Justice is talking about it more. He misses you something awful. So do brothers. It's so hard without you. Mom is sooo mad at you. It's like you just went away. I need to go to your grave. It's just surreal sometimes.

Come to me in my dreams, dang it!
I love you, Jewface.